Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dear Diary,

Tilt was nice enough to invite me to the Vegoose music festival this weekend. Tilt was also responsible for obtaining a photo pass for me.

Here's how it worked. I got to be in the "press pit" for three songs. I got to be right next to the stage taking photos. Band Of Horses played first. The guy next to me had a name badge that said "Getty Images" and two huge digital cameras. I had a Polaroid Camera. When I unfolded my Polaroid to take a picture, he just rolled his eyes at me. It was a highlight for sure.

I'm not a real photographer. Don't call me that. Again, real photographers use digital cameras and have photos published for the masses weekly. I like to take pictures. They don't. It's their job. To hell with exposure and focus. Let's have fun.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins rule by the way. Their show was one of the highlights of the festival. Also, to the guys from the Independent who thought Built To Spill sucked..."Those who can't" That's all I have to say about that...they played "You Were Wrong", okay? That's all I needed.

Band Of Horses

The Yard Dogs Road Show.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins.