Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dear Diary,

Chemotherapy has dominated my life lately. I've been trying to eat right, avoid infection, and keep myself from vomiting. This week, I start my last cycle of Chemotherapy. After this week, I can start to recover (even though I'm not officially done with Chemo for three more weeks). Here's some photos:

First cycle. I still had my hair but they made me wear a mask in the hospital.

My dad came to visit every day and brought me food.

The nurses have to wear this special gown and gloves to even touch the chemo. It can go INSIDE me but it can't TOUCH them.

The shower has a chair in case you need to sit down. I still shower myself, in case you were wondering.

By the second cycle, I had lost a lot of hair. I shaved the rest (and I have a weird smirk on my face in this picture).

Lastly, this is what about ten days of my life have looked like. Sitting in a chair, getting pumped full of poison and watching court shows on Fox.