Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dear Diary,

I guess you could call me a skateboard journalist these days. I recently recieved my new issue of Slap Skateboard Magazine and for the second time this year, I wrote the intro to the magazine. It's kind of strange to say "I write about skateboarding." It sounds like the worst thing ever. If someone told me that they write about skateboarding, I would think they were the worst dude ever. Like, poetry about skateboarding? That sounds wack. Do you write about the breeze flowing through your hair when you skate? Or how your tight pants feel like a warm bed in the summer? Lame ass lame.

In my real life, however, I sold my digital camera on ebay. My plan was to use the money to buy a new, better camera. The story ended up going like this, however: I sold my camera, the guy paid me via paypal. When you get paid, you ship the item....this is how you get good feedback on ebay. So, after I shipped the item, the guy reported to paypal that someone else had used his account to pay for said item. So paypal gave him his money back. I have no camera and no money. I also got a lecture (via email) from paypal about how I should have read their policy on this before choosing paypal as my method of recieving payment. Basically, if you can get someone on ebay to ship something to your buddy's address instead of yours, you can report that someone else used your account to paypal and they'll give you your money back. Not only that, you can rest assured that paypal will give a stern lecture to the seller for being honest and cooperating. Thanks paypal.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Dear Diary,

I finally got to see Darkon and it was great. Possibly the best movie ever. For anyone who doesn't know....Darkon is a documentary about LARPers (Live Action Role Players). Darkon is a land in the forest surrounding Baltimore. Darkon is comprised of several different countries and the movie follows the "real lives" of the people of Darkon as well as their lives in the real world. Darkon is in a state of war as several different countries compete for land within the realm of Darkon. You can check for more info.

In my binder full of negatives, there are two pages labeled LARP, September 24, 2005. These are my pictures of LARPers in Cedar City, Utah on a Saturday afternoon. Here's the pictures:

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dear Diary,

Been awhile. Everyone should know my cancer is in remission. I just have checkups for a bit. Here's some other things that happened semi-recently speaking:

Went to Juanita and Eric's house for a Halloween Party. Juanita took our picture.

This is Eric holding Morrissey's Shirt!

Saw this at the Pizza place.

This is my new roommate Tim. He's pretty cute isn't he? And it's nice to have another guy around the house. I can't believe my wife let me get a cat.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dear Diary,

I finished Chemo. All the vomiting, nausea, fatigue and other stuff that goes along with Cancer treatment these days is over. I went to Borders today and one of the magazines smelled like the crazy apron that the nurses wear when they hook me up to the chemo. I wanted to throw up. Anyway, my Cancer is in remission and I'm not near dead anymore. This blog is dedicated to the nurses of Cottonwood Hospital:

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dear Diary,

Chemotherapy has dominated my life lately. I've been trying to eat right, avoid infection, and keep myself from vomiting. This week, I start my last cycle of Chemotherapy. After this week, I can start to recover (even though I'm not officially done with Chemo for three more weeks). Here's some photos:

First cycle. I still had my hair but they made me wear a mask in the hospital.

My dad came to visit every day and brought me food.

The nurses have to wear this special gown and gloves to even touch the chemo. It can go INSIDE me but it can't TOUCH them.

The shower has a chair in case you need to sit down. I still shower myself, in case you were wondering.

By the second cycle, I had lost a lot of hair. I shaved the rest (and I have a weird smirk on my face in this picture).

Lastly, this is what about ten days of my life have looked like. Sitting in a chair, getting pumped full of poison and watching court shows on Fox.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dear Diary,

This blog starts with me getting married. There's my beautiful bride with her bride's maids.

Just a random Polaroid. Blurry photos are cool. I'm feeling the blurry thing right now.

Hotel Belamar

Morrissey is taking a break from the music thing to build an Olive Garden in Manhattan Beach.
Chemo stories next week!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

Lots of stuff.

Dear Diary,

A lot of things have happened in the last month. I moved, found out I had cancer, and today I'm getting married.

The doctor had to write "Yes" on my left side, so he knew which side to remove the tumor from. This was on "Go Skateboarding Day". I had surgery and spent most of the day passed out on the couch.

When I got feeling a little better, Karlee took me to see Kami, Lee, and the Weenies.

Lesbians at the library.

I went to the Orem park with Dave and Weston. Dave slammed getting gnarly. You can see some more photos of it on unicornlove.

Also, last night Matt threw me a bachelor party. We went to see Yo La Tengo. I didn't take any photos of the party really but Matt, Tilt, Dave, Weston, Nait, Chad, Spacehawk, Sean, Kirk, Kade, and Ryan all came. I also ran into Taylor and Juanita downtown. I need to be better about blogging people I run into.

Today, I'm getting married to Karlee. We're going to LA tomorrow for vacaish. When I get back I start chemotherapy. If anyone wants to visit me, I'll be at Cottonwood Hospital in Salt Lake the week of July 30th-August 3rd.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dear Diary,

Lots of things happening lately. Karlee and I are getting married in July, I've officially moved to Salt Lake, I got a new job (I'm doing the same thing, just in Salt Lake now). Thought I better update. Here's a few randoms from the past month or so:

I skated with Matt Wanlass.

Saw this at the Pie. Tilt I miss you.

Karlee's emo picture.

Seth Danner and EZIZ. I love expired film.

Sean Ferrell.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dear Diary,

It's getting harder and harder to get Medium Format film processed. Especially slides. I still process my own black and white but I love shooting color too. So, about two weeks ago, I decided to come out of the 1990's and buy a digital camera. I thought I could use it for shooting skateboard sequences and for those few times I'm on a short deadline. I tried it out yesterday with this:

Just for any haters out there who say I've sold out and I should be still shooting film: I also shot this trick with the Hasselblad on Black and White film I will process myself. I also will continue to take bikerides with my Yashica T4. I figured it was time to be well rounded in this photo thing and learn the other side (photoshop, RAW files, shit like that). Please feel free to email me hate mail if you're really mad about my decision.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dear Diary,

I went to visit my dad and Malinda was housesitting this guy. His name is Wiley. I told my dad he should get a dog like this when he retires and carry it around in his purse. He could be the Paris Hilton of Southern Arizona.

Karlee tried on this dress at the DI. She was looking for an Easter dress. Toga, Toga, Toga. Animal House anyone?

This was pretty much the bro'est thing ever. To make things worse it was parked at Best Buy. Maybe he was buying a new Ipod so he could fit all his Jack Johnson and John Mayer in one place?

Bonnets. Easter Sunday.

If you can't tell the sticker says "Sean Paul". Epic or Sad?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dear Diary,

I went to the Grind to see a show last week. Sean and I had "Leica Night"

This weekend was my birthday. I turned the dirty thirty. My sister took us all bowling.

...and on Sunday, Karlee and I had a picnic.

We went to Denny's with THE DANNER. From now on, I am proclaiming Seth has moved from Danner Status to THE DANNER. Yes, Seth is that epic these days.

Lastly, some old SJ shit:

Ant Black breaking shit. This is pre-beer, by the way.

The Pierce Street Strangler (Nick Vela's knuckle, Ant Black's hand for size comparison only).

After paying $25 for a crusty deli sandwich at LAX....we went to an epic Mexican restaurant in downtown SJ. Half the cost, twice the food?