Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dear Diary,

It's getting harder and harder to get Medium Format film processed. Especially slides. I still process my own black and white but I love shooting color too. So, about two weeks ago, I decided to come out of the 1990's and buy a digital camera. I thought I could use it for shooting skateboard sequences and for those few times I'm on a short deadline. I tried it out yesterday with this:

Just for any haters out there who say I've sold out and I should be still shooting film: I also shot this trick with the Hasselblad on Black and White film I will process myself. I also will continue to take bikerides with my Yashica T4. I figured it was time to be well rounded in this photo thing and learn the other side (photoshop, RAW files, shit like that). Please feel free to email me hate mail if you're really mad about my decision.