Sunday, February 04, 2007

Oldish stuff.

Dear Diary,

Some of this stuff happened over a month ago. I don't have interweb and didn't know what to do/when to post:

Lucie has her emo face on (but cuter.)

I went bowling with EZIZ while Karlee went home for Christmas.

I went to the bar to play pool. Seth and I decided that Jagermeister must mean "holy deer" in German.

My dad took me to a McDonalds that had full sushi bar decor. It didn't feel like a McDonalds at all (except for the awful food)

Then, to make things weirder, they didn't have Ketchup, they had Mexican Salsa.

More recently, we took the girls to PetsMart. Moibs doesn't like it so much. It makes her nervous.

And we went to see Digital Black play (this happened two nights ago....the only recent thing in this post.