Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dear Diary,

I went to the Grind to see a show last week. Sean and I had "Leica Night"

This weekend was my birthday. I turned the dirty thirty. My sister took us all bowling.

...and on Sunday, Karlee and I had a picnic.

We went to Denny's with THE DANNER. From now on, I am proclaiming Seth has moved from Danner Status to THE DANNER. Yes, Seth is that epic these days.

Lastly, some old SJ shit:

Ant Black breaking shit. This is pre-beer, by the way.

The Pierce Street Strangler (Nick Vela's knuckle, Ant Black's hand for size comparison only).

After paying $25 for a crusty deli sandwich at LAX....we went to an epic Mexican restaurant in downtown SJ. Half the cost, twice the food?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Dear Diary,

Last night, we were trying to decide which Sex and The City character we each were. By we, I mean me and Issac. Anyway, Steff apparently already had this discussion at her work and ended up being Samantha because she's slutty (?). Weird. Anyway, we decided I would be Charlotte, because I'm pretty much a prude but I have a secret perverted side. I couldn't decide who Issac would be. I thought, "well, he's works as a promoter so, he's like Samantha that way but he's not slutty....he's not bitchy enough to be Miranda, and I'm already Charlotte.....so that leaves Carrie." Carrie's a good fit for Issac because he's kind of a celebrity. Also, we decided that Seth would be Samantha....just FYI.

Carrie Bradshaw...er, Issac as Winnie the Pooh.