Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dear Diary,

I went to the Grind to see a show last week. Sean and I had "Leica Night"

This weekend was my birthday. I turned the dirty thirty. My sister took us all bowling.

...and on Sunday, Karlee and I had a picnic.

We went to Denny's with THE DANNER. From now on, I am proclaiming Seth has moved from Danner Status to THE DANNER. Yes, Seth is that epic these days.

Lastly, some old SJ shit:

Ant Black breaking shit. This is pre-beer, by the way.

The Pierce Street Strangler (Nick Vela's knuckle, Ant Black's hand for size comparison only).

After paying $25 for a crusty deli sandwich at LAX....we went to an epic Mexican restaurant in downtown SJ. Half the cost, twice the food?

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