Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dear Diary,

I guess you could call me a skateboard journalist these days. I recently recieved my new issue of Slap Skateboard Magazine and for the second time this year, I wrote the intro to the magazine. It's kind of strange to say "I write about skateboarding." It sounds like the worst thing ever. If someone told me that they write about skateboarding, I would think they were the worst dude ever. Like, poetry about skateboarding? That sounds wack. Do you write about the breeze flowing through your hair when you skate? Or how your tight pants feel like a warm bed in the summer? Lame ass lame.

In my real life, however, I sold my digital camera on ebay. My plan was to use the money to buy a new, better camera. The story ended up going like this, however: I sold my camera, the guy paid me via paypal. When you get paid, you ship the item....this is how you get good feedback on ebay. So, after I shipped the item, the guy reported to paypal that someone else had used his account to pay for said item. So paypal gave him his money back. I have no camera and no money. I also got a lecture (via email) from paypal about how I should have read their policy on this before choosing paypal as my method of recieving payment. Basically, if you can get someone on ebay to ship something to your buddy's address instead of yours, you can report that someone else used your account to paypal and they'll give you your money back. Not only that, you can rest assured that paypal will give a stern lecture to the seller for being honest and cooperating. Thanks paypal.