Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dear Diary/Wassup haters,

Immigration reform seems to be a hot topic these days. Shouldn't fair wages for fair labor and prosecuting employers who use illegal hiring practices have something to do with reform? But I guess that would require a little more thought than just yelling some racial slurs and the words "border patrol" in the same sentence. This photo is of the "Mexican Flag Enchiladas" at Lupitas. Even racists eat this stuff, because it's fucking epic.


rockabunny said...
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rockabunny said...

but do local terrorists that hold boards for ransom like that stuff? even after they tried to kill you last night with a nicotine and arsenic laced drink? i don't think so. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

p.s. i'm such a libra, better go i just have to get my nails done.