Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dear Diary,
Interesting what the world has become thanks to the world wide interweb.  Last sunday, we went to skate a spot and I was walking to my car to get my coffee when someone came around the corner, saying "the police are here".  In an attempt to avoid a ticket, me and some dudes piled into my car and drove to the nearest 7-11.   As we left the parking lot, we noticed the cop talking to Scott (pictured below) and writing something.  We figured Scott had been caught and was receiving a skateboarding ticket.  Scott en
ded up meeting us at the Sev a few minutes later and told us that the cop saw his video camera and asked if he was going to be on Youtube.  He was actually writing down the address to Scott's Youtube channel, not giving him a ticket.  

The story behind this photo (as well as a much better version of it, taken by somebody else) can be found here.

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