Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Things I'm into currently:

1. Rachel
2. Bill Clinton...I don't know what your position is in the government but it was rad you went to North Korea to save some journalists.
3. 4x5...dying to shoot with the Graflex lately.
4. Film...always and forever.
5. The Kid's part in the new Black Label video.
6. Red curbs (see #5).
7. Next week's Northern California trip.
8. Quirky cameras (half-frames, Panoramics, Holgas, etc.)
9. Photos totally unrelated to any of this list (see below).

1 comment:

Weston Colton Photo said...

I too am super excited about the Northern California trip! And I am always into 4x5...I just don't get to shoot it very often.