Monday, February 15, 2010

A few years back (2004 to be exact) I used to take a polaroid every single day. Since polaroid film is a lot more scarce (not to mention expensive) these days, I don't feel I'm able to do that anymore. I have a small stockpile of 600 film left over and am going to work on using it in the coming weeks. My goal this week is to post a polaroid every day for at least five days (that's how many photos I have left on the current pack of film). The photo above is of Stuart Callis. I ran into him today and we talked for a while about art. After I took this picture I was immediately reminded of the awesome picture Leif took of Stuart that I actually saw before I ever knew Stuart:

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annie said...

i do love this photo. and as i texted you yesterday it made me exciting.