Sunday, October 31, 2010

New York Mega Blog!

Here's a bunch of pictures I shot with color film with my point and shoot. I still have about two more rolls of film from this trip that aren't developed yet. Maybe someday....stay tuned.

Got my picture taken by the famous Louis Mendes.

I had lunch with Anne and Carolynn.

Batman was walking around Soho passing out flyers. I guess that's what happens after Wesley Willis whoops your ass.

Subway photos...I wear my influences on my sleeve.

Weston went with me.

We went skating around the LES before the show.....

Now on to the actual reason I was there Film Por Vida Print Exchange Show at Fuse Gallery

Ken Nagahara showed up right before the show with some of his signature big ass darkroom prints.

This was the bar at the entrance to the gallery.

A bunch of the photos Jai has received in the mail over the past five years. (Look close and you might see my face in there somewhere.)
Ray Potes of Hamburger Eyes fame.

Brian Brown was there!

Dan came all the way from England and showed up just in time fresh from his flight.

Brandon Fonville and Kelly took good care of us in the city.

Brandon and Jai. Jai is the best dude ever and pretty much started this whole thing.

Super big thanks to Fuse Gallery and Angela Boatwright for making this happen (sorry Angela, the photo I had of you didn't turn time).

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