Saturday, February 19, 2011

Long story short, some things happened in life and I ended up selling my digital camera and now only have film cameras. This quote is awesome:

"Don't talk to me about digital. I've got Hypo in my veins. The stains you see on my shirt are Dektol. I like the darkroom, the radio, the yellow light glowing. I rip the printing paper into quarters. One square is swimming in the Dektol. Through the clear, brown liquid I see my work emerging-my picture. Then I take it, the little piece, and give it away, a gift, to the person pictured in it, a return for what they have given me. Thirty years pass. People die. Children grow old. They keep the little piece, stuck up on a wall with thumbtacks, creased and stained: themselves, young and alive, forever. That is photography."

-Danny Lyon

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David said...

awesome quote