Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A few weeks...a few rolls of film...etc.

Dear Diary,

If anyone who reads this actually skateboards....I just want you to know that John Cardiel, a pro skateboarder who was hit by a bus in Australia three years ago and told he would never walk again dropped in and carved around the Autumn bowl in NYC yesterday.

We went to Mesquite a few weeks ago.

This pretty much sums up what we did in Mesquite:

Speaking of injured skate dudes....I hung out with the Changsta....

...and Carl's dog Deville.

Then... a week later in Salt Lake...I went for a ride with Lucie.

and hung out with Moibs.

Thirty-something year old dudes try and add Lucie and Moibs on myspace all the time. Attention...they're dogs not Lesbians!!!
Then I went to Fiesta Days in Kamas for the 24th. They had this huge Demolition Derby. It was pretty awesome....I haven't really watched something like this since Wrestlemania III in second grade.

And they had fireworks.

I saw this in Salt Lake. It's the Willy Wash. It's a good place to wash your Willy apparently. It reminds me of the Cowboy Lube Barn from Tall J's blog.

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