Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Will Smith.

Dear Diary,

I'm a weirdo and stil shoot with a film camera. Therefore, please excuse the constant delay in entries. The fourth of July was five days ago.

Fireworks and Craze in SLC.

I saw a photo like this that Leo Romero took in the photo issue of Slap...now I have my own (his was Black and White so I'm at least 47.3% original on this)

Tilt let us swim in his pool!

Jason Dill may very well have the best fashion sense in skateboarding but Sean has the best look in Southern Utah right now. How New York is this guy?!?!?!

At the street fair we saw this car that had a PBR shift knobber.

And Finally...two random photos of balloons in trees! Hey, if I never finished a roll of film, you wouldn't be able to look at this would you?

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