Thursday, December 09, 2010

End of an era.

Last roll of Kodachrome for sure. I have another roll (that chronologically was shot before this) that hasn't been scanned yet. As of December 31, 2010, Dwayne's Camera in Kansas will no longer process Kodachrome film (they are currently the only lab who still does the process). The film has been discontinued for about a year now and the processing will soon be gone. This is my last roll of Kodachrome ever....or at least until someone brings it back (keeping my fingers happened with Polaroid!)

P.S. This roll is kind of blah but it represents the end of an era so I have to post it. Sorry Paul Simon....they really did "Take your Kodachrome away"


Sean said...

I don't like all of this film ending crap. When I was living in Arizona and spent time in the darkroom I was heartbroken to hear that they were making photography classes digital. Great scan, I love this pictures. Keep film alive!

Sean said...

I love these pictures*