Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Murder's signature (and my door) at the Modest Mouse crapfest 2010.

Shaky night stuff.

Deer jumping in a graveyard? ARRRRTTTTSSSYYYY.

5th Street Bowl Coffee Shop. San Jose, CA. This one's for JAI!

Hanging out with Ant, also in San Jose. Drive by shooting?

I have this camera, I got for $3 at the DI in St. George years ago. It's called an Olympus XA. It's like having a pocket Leica M (even though Leica Ms are pretty compact to begin with). Great little camera, takes the sharpest pictures. Buy one today. Try Ebay.

Some of these photos were intentionally "light leaked" and/or double exposed. More soon? Maybe?


Chow said...

i like all of them.

miss fat booty said...

you in color looks so good

David said...

Nice. Really digging the coffee shop and the double exposure on top.

Ryan said...

I am sincerely in love with that photo of the deer...

I will be contacting you soon for purchase rights so I can use it as my album cover.

Stone said...

The deer is banger. Last night I hid behind my front door for an hour hoping to catch a shot of deer eating my shrubs... no dice.